Thursday, 6 October 2011

Share some good news.

Welcome to the Cahoots Blog!  This blog will contain tips, tools and ideas for how to raise awareness of your organization through clear, concise communications.

Thought for the day - Be solutions oriented.

In an era of doom, gloom and economic demise, there is real opportunity to share good news stories to attract attention for your organization.

Watch the media for prevalent issues of concern (health concerns, work/life balance, unemployment) and identify how your products or services are solutions to these challenges.

Craft a press release or a matte story with tips or tools that people can use to deal with the challenge at hand.   Post it on your social media outlets and send out an email newsletter to your key stakeholders.

If you're looking for broader reach, send it out to the media.   Then follow up with a compelling phone pitch as to how you are a solution and why viewers, listeners and readers NEED to hear your story.  And you just might see your name in the paper the next day.

Are you a solution?  For help with your matte stories and news releases, contact me at

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