Thursday, 20 October 2011

Why Choose a Cause?

I have a friend whose organization is hosting a charitable event in a couple of weeks to raise awareness for Dystonia - a neurological movement disorder that her niece has.  This condition causes great pain and discomfort and effects mostly children.

Knowing my friend, it will be a top notch event. It's an art auction with some fabulous art, and it's very reasonably priced at the perfect time - 6:30.  Go, have a glass of wine, fill up on appetizers in lieu of having to cook dinner, while chatting up clients or having date night.  What's not to like?

But her numbers are not what she would like.

"Why is that?" she asks me.  "Is it because there are too many causes out there?"

This has made me think about how to motivate people to give more.  While everyone is so strapped - for time, for money, for personal space - how do you communicate to others how much can be gained by by volunteering and/or supporting charitable initiatives.

Here are a few reasons why volunteering and supporting charitable initiatives are worth your time.
1. Whether you're interested in the arts, animals, the wellbeing of children or seniors -- if you get involved with an organization that focuses on things that matter to you, you'll link up with like-minded people.
2. Volunteering gives you a break from your own world.  You stop thinking about your own life or what's on your desk at the office.  You do something different and make a difference at the same time! 
3. Choosing the right cause means free PR for your organization and an opportunity to network with other businesspeople.  But from a business perspective, it's vital that you choose a cause that is in line with your corporate mandate, and that the networking opportunities are valuable to you. 
4. Then of course there are the tax benefits of giving to charities, but you'll have to speak to your accountant for details on that(o;

Need some help choosing a charity to support that will deliver the ideal networking opportunities and help to build your brand?  Are you a charity looking to raise awareness for your cause?  I would love to help.

By the way, hope to see you at Curry's Art Store Charitable Auction at the Liberty Grand next Tuesday.  Visit

Rachel Pardy

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