Monday, 7 November 2011

Motivation to Create Jobs

We had the greatest dinner party conversation the other night - about the economy and what's preventing Canada from getting ahead.  Our friend is a very successful independent consultant who could likely grow his business twenty-fold (and create jobs in the process) but he's just not interested.  He is comfortable doing what he's doing.

This is the case for many independent business owners in Canada.  People are quite happy doing what they're doing while being able to maintain quality of life.  Fair enough - quality of life is important - and I'm not suggesting people work 24/7.  But we as individuals have so much more knowledge, power and ability to create jobs than we did in previous recessions...

It's time for a massive brainstorming and strategy session in Canada. What will motivate business owners to want more to the extent that they're willing to put a bit on the line in order to employ more people?  What options are available to uneducated people who are losing their jobs and are those options being communicated to them? (Perhaps network marketing with low overhead cost and minimal experience required.) What jobs can only PEOPLE and not computers do - and are we doing our best to grow those opportunities. (i.e., Our aging population needs care and they don't want it from a robot.)

For those who have the ear of people who can do something to create growth in the economy, I hope you're asking the questions. Many of us would love to know the answers - and be willing to lend a hand in promoting the cause.

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