Friday, 18 November 2011

Occupy Efforts Need to Say What They Want

For the past month, like everyone, I have been listening to the news in awe of what's happening with the Occupy Efforts across our country.  A year ago, when my husband told me that this economy was going to lead to civil unrest in Canada and the US, I told him he was overreacting.  Today, I turn on the news every day keeping my fingers crossed that the Occupy Efforts in Canada have not gone too far...

I'm actually quite astounded that the Occupy Efforts have not taken advantage of the ample opportunities they've been given to tell their story.  In an interview with eleven protesters the other day on CBC, not one of them said what they would need to be given in order to vacate St. James Park.  I'm not suggesting that they don't have a right to pitch a tent and protest.  But if you're going to go to the trouble, at least know what you're going to say when your efforts get noticed. 

Of those eleven people, only one man said something worth listening to.  He said that St. James Park was a place where they felt comfortable having uncomfortable discussions that couldn't be had elsewhere.  Fair enough - but is that all you want?  Afterall, a good portion of Canadians listen to the CBC, and they might lend support if your requests were realistic and achievable. 

For example, would you be happy if one or several high income earners announced that they were making more donations to charities?  Or if certain corporations made it their mandate to build more affordable housing?  You're spending all of that time hanging out together and talking - can't you get your wishlist together? 

Seems like the Occupy Efforts need someone to help them with their key messaging.  They need to figure out what they want and need and just say it.  It has occurred to me that people with key messaging expertise mightn't be camping out in St. James Park.  I might take a walk down this weekend to satisfy my own curiosity. 

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