Thursday, 24 November 2011

Strategic Communications Make Tomorrow's Sale

It's not coincidence that social media has increased in use and popularity since the economy took a turn for the worse.  Social media is far more cost effective than print marketing materials.  It also provides invaluable two-way dialogue with customers that is crucial to market research and branding exercises.

When skeptics say that social media hasn't proven any return on investment, I'm perplexed.  Do they not realize how tightly people are holding on to their purse strings?  Do they not understand that engagement in the discussion is actually the best return on investment you can get?

All of us are working hard these days.  Reaching out to more poeple, arranging more meetings, putting in longer hours.  In an economy like today's, we need to hunker down and clarify strategy for the days ahead.  We also need to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard as the case may be so that when the time is right, we have the best materials possible to drive the sale.

Strategic engaging communications - whether it takes the shape of public relations, social media or traditional marketing materials - mightn't make a sale today.   But those organizations that make it a priority will build customer loyalty and one day, see the flood gates open. 

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